Crush Season 6 DVD

Crush Season 6 on DVD brings you some of Lee and Tiffany's most exciting hunts yet!  This 3 disc set is PACKED with all 20 episodes and includes whitetail, elk, muleteer, duck, antelope, turkey and more!  Come along as Lee and Tiffany carry you through the journey of a year in their life!

This massive collection has 400 MINUTES of footage Including the following episodes:


Utah Muledeer

The Bugles Begin

Elk Pains

Big Sky Elk

Tiffany's Best Buck

The Long Iowa Season

Lee's Bow Season

Mexico Sheep

Stuck in Mexico

The Earp Show

Tiff's Sandman

Second Chances

My Kind of Night

The Sub 7 Turkey Hunt

Foxworthy and Fey

Tar Heel's Turkey

The Roles Show

Crush Spring

Colorado Speed Goats

Quack! Quack!


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